September 24, 2004

"Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."
- Anonymous as quoted by a Chasidic Rabbi

September 22, 2004

French Hill Bombing

Amidst the sadness of the latest Muslim terror bombing, an article in The Jerusalem Post carried an amazing quote from an eye witnesses to this latest atrociity. The witness, Avigail, said she saw the female bomber cross the checkpoint and blow herself up, killing a young Border Patrol Guard. In Avigail's words, the woman exploded and seconds later people were running everywhere. She started shaking and crying. "I have trust in G-d and this has just increased that trust." How powerful this statement is during these Days of Awe. How much more inspiring it is for me to hear these words and all the while know that it is precisley these sentiments that help explain why I'm moving myself and my belongings to Eretz Yisrael.

May there be peace within your walls.

September 14, 2004

And that's the way it is............

Well, my boss just called and said that the decision has been made in NY by HR and the VP of CP Sales not to honor my request for a leave of absence. They based the decision on the business climate in which they currently find themselves. That is, that I am now the sole Account Manager (versus two NAM's) calling on Meijer, a high exposure account in the world of soaps and detergents. The feeling among the CP higher-ups is that with all the future plans for continued growth at this account, they can't afford to leave the position open for any length of time. They did however offer me a 2-3 week vacation to go "visit" Israel, but that just ain't gonna cut it.

In my own mind I know that they would not be facing this predicament had they not let go of my counterpart (CL), for whom I have a great deal of respect and whom I know firsthand did a magnificent job building his business and acting as a mentor and friend to me in my two years calling on this account. His results speak for themselves, as does the sense of bewilderment expressed by his many admirers at Meijer who have acknowlegded to me both privately and publicly that his removal a sham.

Anyway, have no fear because I actually feel better now after finding out that my request for a leave of absence has been rejected. Had I left under those circumstances, I would have left feeling as though there was still some small chain around my leg. I would have had to deal with being in Israel and then come December having to jump thru hoops in order to get the leave extended and then do it all over again in April, etc, etc... just to ensure receipt of little bonus check.

So yes, while the money would have been nice, I am now able to focus entirely on moving forward on this journey with a clean slate. And for this to happen to me during the month of Elul seems to be a real blessing. I can now pack up and hit the road with the knowledge that I've been given the chance to begin completely anew. THANK G-d. I can now begin to focus much of my prayers and thoughts of teshuva on a true return, as the word means. I am returning to my homeland, the land of my forefathers.


Shana tova to my family, friends, and all of Klal Yirael

Remember us for life, O King Who desires Life, and inscribe us in the book of Life - for Your sake, O Living G-d

September 10, 2004

So its been a while since my last post and a lot has happened. First and foremost, I want to thank Cara P. for teaching me how to put pictures on my website. I'm very excited about this because as most of you know, I have rarely left my apt. this year without my camera. So anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy some of my pictures.

I guess the topic on everybody's mind when talking to me is my move to Israel. Here's a brief recap of the latest news. I gave my notice - sort of - on Tuesday. I'm actually in a state of limbo right now b/c I actually asked for a leave of absence so that I would be eligible for health insurance and also my sales bonus for the 3rd quarter which ends a few days before I leave. So anyway, I have not been given an answer either way by Colgate, so right now all I know is that I'm leaving on Oct. 3 and maybe I'll be able to count on a little money coming in after being in Israel for a few months.

This week I ordered a new laptop to take with me so that I can keep up with all my peeps around the globe.

I've also been busy packing up my stuff and looking for a place to store my boxes and furniture while I'm gone. I just got word from a good friend that his boss is going to let me store my belongings in his warehoure. This is a huge relief b/c it's centrally located in the city and it will also save me some money. I'll be moving my stuff out of the apt. on Sept. 27 in the AM with the help of a few good friends. Thanks.

So aside from all this Israel stuff, this week has been filled with alot of other stuff as well. First of all, I bid a very sad farwell to my beautiful friends Alex and Leah N. and their kids. They left for Israel on Tuesday morning and will be with their family in Acre for the chaggim. Luckily I will see them when I get there, but after they leave, it's going to be difficult adjusting to life without Friday night dinners at their home. I will miss you guys!

Here's a pictures of them when they visited me and my friends in Chicago last week.

On Monday and Wednesday this past week, I woke up around 4:30 AM and rode my bike down to the lakefront at Diversey harbor and watched a couple of amazing sunrises. I actually wrapped tefillin and davened there on Monday morning. It was really cool to actually do that at Neitz and be able to see the changes of the daylight occur right in front of me. Check out these pictures.

And of course, no week would be complete for me without the Cubs. My buddy Brian and I saw a great game on Monday afternoon (picture) and we saw one of the worst defeats of the season on Wed. Needless to say, we had much fun at both games.

Shabbat Shalom to all.

September 01, 2004

British Airways

Kosher Meal - yes
Baggage - 2 Bags (70 lbs. each)
Bike - $165.00
Frequent Flyer Number - They honor American Airlines but only on the leg from London to Tel Aviv. They do not honor the leg from Chicago to London b/c this is a route in which they compete with American Airlines on.
Ticket - Electronic

Now on to dealing with storage facilities in greater Chicagoland area. Anybody thats wants to help packing and moving my stuff will have a special place in Olam Hab..... well I can't really guarantee that but you will have a special place in my heart. Thanks.

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